Monday, November 2, 2009

Health Insurance - How To Cover Your Medical Expenses In United States

Coming to the U.S., your priority should be to have health insurance. The drugs, hospitals and doctors are extremely expensive, so be sure to be covered in case of illness or emergency.

Health insurance is mandatory for all foreign students in the U.S., so you can not begin to study if you do not.

Note that, with few exceptions, the U.S. has no free or subsidized health care, so you will probably need private insurance. Insurance policies are very expensive, so it is usually better to increase your health insurance from your country to cover you during your stay in America. Note that without this increase, it is likely that insurance will not cover your country's astronomical medical costs in the U.S., as these are almost certainly higher than those of your country.

If you need to get American insurance, there are many choices, so study them well before you decide. Internet is a good place to compare. Your age, medical history and the state where you live will influence the amount you will pay.

If you're working, your company may offer to pay part of your insurance. In many cases this is a good option for the employee. Some companies will give you a choice of several insurance companies, talk to your colleagues to see what is the best in your area. The insurance will cover you and your family while you're working for the company.

Insurance Documentation

When traveling to the United States you must always carry the insurance papers/card, if not sometimes they will force you to pay a deposit when you come to the doctor or hospital, as no one is going to treat you because the risk of non-payment.

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