Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Case of Emergencies - Emergency Numbers, Hospitals and Pharmacies

Call 911 if you need urgent medical treatment or emergency. With this number you can call an ambulance, police or firefighters.

You can call 911 free from any payphone. In an emergency on the freeway or a side road, stay calm and if you have no cell phone, trying to locate the nearest emergency telephone (these will be located throughout the highway/freeway). The response to accidents on major roads is very rapid.

If you can, go to the nearest hospital emergency room they will treat you within a short time. Note that in emergency treatments are not free, check your local hospitals for more information.


If you need urgent medication, you will find a list of pharmacies that are open 24 hours a day in the local newspaper or yellow pages. Or you can also go to any pharmacy, where they usually have a list at the door or window, to the nearest open pharmacy.


If you are to sick to attend a doctor consultation, you can check with your doctor by phone. Be aware that most U.S.A. doctors do home visits. In some cities there are special services as home visits (house call) that send a doctor to your house 24 hours a day.


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Anonymous said...

I think you meant to write that most USA doctors "do not do" home visits.

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