Monday, October 26, 2009

Introduction - The American Health Care System

The American health system is very proficient and advanced, but also very expensive. The American health care system is enormous, being able to find clinics and hospitals everywhere, even in the most remotest areas of the country.

The hospitals have high-tech equipment more advanced than most countries, and doctors and surgeons are highly trained and motivated.

Unfortunately, this great quality comes with astronomical prices. Know that the costs of health care providers (doctors, hospital stays and even medicines) are the most expensive in the world and account for 15% of American GDP. Given the increasingly large proportion of older people and technology costs, this percentage is likely to increase further in the future.

Although health care is probably the best in the world for the rich, its high cost and limited government intervention implies that it is weak or even nonexistent for the poor and unemployed. Some 15% of the U.S. population is uninsured, and publicly funded programs, Medicare and Medicaid only cover people over 65 years, the disabled and the very poor.

Note that the treatment "free" does not exist in America, even in public hospitals. All health care, including emergencies, must be paid, either personally or through insurance. In many hospitals in the cities usually have a urgent care clinic that deals with serious and less expensive than a normal hospital or clinic, but you will still have to pay.

Therefore, to come to the United States of America, it is vitally important to have health insurance, or a serious illness could cause a financial disaster. In some cases you may prove that you're covered by your current insurance (but it is important to check this first). Visit our health insurance section for more information.

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