Thursday, October 22, 2009

Student Housing/Accommodations - Living On Campus

In the U.S., universities/colleges have quality accommodation/housinf for students, but it is not cheap.

In most American universities they well be student housing available. You can rent a room and share common areas, or even share a room, though most prefer not to. There is also accommodation for families.

The housing conditions vary depending on when it was built and how good maintenance is provided. The old residences can be dull and depressing, while new or rehabilitated are in very good condition.

Note that most Americans who start college are very young, so many homes are turned into "party zones". Everything will be fine as long as you do not care to find drunken young men about a Wednesday night trying to attract the girls on campus, which in traditional universities will live on another floor or even in another building. If you prefer a quieter environment, check out the residence before you sign up and talk to people who already live there. Many American students living on campus only do so for the first and second year and then seek alternative accommodation.

Unfortunately, the price of student accommodation can be very expensive, and in big cities there is not much difference with a normal car. Most universities have information on off-campus housing, it would be a good idea if you are trying to save money.

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