Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other Housing Options - Shared Apartments and Short-Term Accommodations

In addition to renting an apartment, which a contract is usually at least a year, there are other accommodation options.

Sharing an apartment can be a good option for those coming to the United States alone, it's cheap and you get to meet new people. It is common for students and young professionals to have roommate, even if it means sharing kitchen and bathroom.

If you get along with your roommate, sharing a apartment or house can be a good solution because you live in a better place and will have more room than in a studio. If you do not know many people it is a good way to improve your social life, make friends and improve your English.

As always, the hardest part is finding a place and getting along with people with whom you are sharing an apartment. Talk to your potential roommates to make sure you have the same expectations. The problems usually come from things like smoking, pets, night parties, the consumption of soft drugs, dirty dishes or the state of the bathroom, so it's a good idea to establish in advance how they will address topics such as cleaning, the purchase of household products and insurance.

When sharing a rented apartment or house, the names of all tenants should appear in the contract. If your name is not on the contract, then you may not be able to stay in the apartment if the other person moves away. Often, a preferred tenant can sublet/rent to a new roommate without changing the contract, which means he is liable to the owner if any damages occur.

Temporary Housing

If you plan to stay in the Unites States soon, you can search for temporary housing. Some tenants are allowed to sublet their homes for a limited time. This means that you rent the apartment or room as the tenant, not the owner, but they must inform you of the situation.


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