Sunday, October 18, 2009

Housing/Apartment Classifieds - A Lot Of Choices = A Lot Of Competition

There are many classifieds for apartment/housing rentals in many local newspapers and magazines, especially in the weekend edition. You can also look at the many Internet sites that specialize in lodging/rentals.

The ads are provided by the owners, real estate agents or tenants who want to move before the expiry of the notice period. You will find many in the classifieds (Classifieds Section) in Flats for rent (Apartment for Rent).

Another possibility is to look at trade publications that contain advertisements, like the magazines For Rent, Apartment Guide or Rental Guide Magazine.

In large cities or university, usually publish free newspapers containing advertisements of apartments or houses for rent, and classified ads for things you might find useful if you have to buy something when you move. Rental guides can also be found in supermarkets, chambers of commerce and banks.

Note that in areas of high demand and time should try to buy the paper it comes out and start making calls immediately. The best apartments are rented quickly and by the time you call they will be taken/rented out. In many cities the real estate section of Sunday newspapers can be bought on Saturday afternoon (eg the New York Sunday Times), so you can call before the competition.

There are also many websites that have classified for apartments and houses such as,,,, and

Put Your Own Ad

You can also place your own ad in a newspaper saying "Apartment/Housing WANTED for Rent", you may also want to include how many bedrooms, bathrooms, size, etc. But this may be a waste of time and money in times of high demand. However, if you are looking to share an apartment/housing, it makes sense to advertise because people seek roommates that fit the "profile" of those already living in the apartment. You can place a free ad in the classified, which are often used by people seeking roommates from other nationalities.


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